Happy Mothers Day!

05-12-2019From Fr. John's DeskFr. John Barbella

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, and spiritual mothers in our parish. Today we do well to think of and thank all the special women in our lives. Let’s also thank God for sending them to us.

My own mother means the world to me. I’m sure most of you feel the same way about your mothers. Thinking of my mother today brings so many memories and thoughts to mind. Some of those memories are fond ones – like her being one of the only moms in our neighborhood who liked having her children home for summer vacation. Others are serious – like her taking little part-time jobs to help make ends meet. Still others are funny – like the time my brother-in-law and I were doing horribly in a batting cage on a boardwalk in North Carolina. My mother picked up the bat and started hitting line drive after line drive – wowing a bunch of local kids! You can’t make this stuff up.

I remember my mother’s quiet and practical sense of her faith – and her concern when I first voiced my desire to be a priest. It’s not that she didn’t want me to be a priest – she was just concerned about how it would work out for me. Countless conversations, meals, and other adventures are among the many thoughts that come to mind this Mother’s Day.

Of course, we cannot celebrate Mother’s Day without also honoring our Blessed Mother, Mary. Like our own mothers, Mary plays a very important role in our lives. She helps us with our prayers. She teaches us – especially by her example – how to follow Jesus. Her words to the waiters at the Wedding at Cana are the best advice we could ever get: “Do whatever He (Jesus) tells you. (John 2:5).

We will honor Mary with a May Crowning at the 11 AM Mass today (Sunday). Another way we can honor Mary is by completing the Consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe – one of Mary’s many titles. I have extra consecration booklets for anyone who needs one – and will leave some in the foyer of the Church. All you have to do is spend about 10–15 minutes reading and saying the prayers assigned to that day – for nine days. Everyone who does so is invited to make their personal consecration to Our Lady at the 9 AM Mass on Sunday, June 2nd. I personally found the readings and prayers in the booklet to be very inspiring, and hope you will, too.

As always, I close by asking you to say a prayer for me today – and every day. I really appreciate that so many of you pray a Hail Mary for me daily. You are all in my daily prayers. Please also pray for the sick of our parish and for peace.

Have a great week!

Fr. John