We need what Jesus gives.

08-18-2019From Fr. John's DeskFr. John Barbella

This weekend our parish is happy to welcome Pam DiMartile, who will speak at most of our Masses. She will give us more information about the Walking Pilgrimage that will take place on Saturday, September 21. The pilgrimage is part of the Year of Spiritual Awakening that is being observed throughout our diocese.

Bishop Checchio decreed this Year of Spiritual Awakening as a year of spiritual preparation for his consecration of our diocese to our Blessed Mother under her title of "Our Lady of Guadalupe." The Evening of Spiritual Awakening – which was so well attended in our Church – was one of the events in this year. So is the personal consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe that so many of us did this past Lent.

With the Walking Pilgrimage approaching, I want to invite anyone who did not yet make the personal consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe to do so. I have placed consecration booklets in the back of the Church for those who wish to take and use one. I have a few at the office, too. It's a simple – but very beautiful process – of spending just a few minutes each day reading and praying with the consecration booklet. I really encourage everyone to do so!

Remember that we will have a Communion Breakfast on Sunday, September 8th, following the 9AM Mass. It will be held in Mercy Hall to honor our Blessed Mother and celebrate her birthday (which the Church celebrates on September 8th). Tickets are cheap – just $1 a person or $5 for the whole family – so that everyone has a chance to attend. Tickets will also be sold after Mass next Sunday morning.

As August rushes by, we are fast approaching the beginning of the new school year. That being the case, please be sure your children are registered for our parish school or CCD program. We want to be sure that every school aged child in our parish is learning about the Lord Jesus, His plan for each one of us, and how much He loves us. Our parish school and CCD program for those students in public school exist to help our families pass their faith in Jesus on to the next generation.

The craziness in our world reminds is of just how much we need Jesus. A world in which so many people experience despair, a lack of direction, or a feeling of meaningless needs what only God can give. In the midst of life's troubles, He gives us hope that following Him and living as He taught makes things better for us and others. His teachings are our directions for the journey of life – showing us how to get to Heaven by the way we live here and now. The fact that He gives each of us a mission in life - especially the mission of being holy and helping our neighbor – tells that our life has a great deal of meaning and purpose.

Be sure to teach these things to your children. For that matter, help them experience and live their Catholic Faith – perhaps by going as a family on the Walking Pilgrimage or to the Communion Breakfast. That would be a great thing to do!

Finally, please say a Hail Mary for me today and every day. Pray also that God will raise up many new priests from among the young men of our parish – and new sisters from among our young women. Finally, pray that we will all do our best to follow Jesus, and lead all people to Him.

Have a great week!

Fr. John