Lenten Craft


During Fellowship Sunday on Feb 23 and then again on Apr 19 after both the 9:00am and 11:00am Masses, G.I.F.T. Ministry invites all parish youth to participate in a Lenten craft. The youth will craft a Crown of Thorns made from dough that they will mix, shape into a crown, add thorns to, and then bake.

The idea is to spend Lent focusing on good thoughts, words, and deeds; helping others when they can and showing their Catholic faith through their actions and words. Every time they behave in this way, they can remove a thorn from the crown. By Easter time the thorns should all be gone and the youth can join us again on Apr 19 at fellowship Sunday, with their crown, and paint and glitter the crown transforming it into a Crown of Glory!

We ask that at least one parent accompany children under 13 to help their child with the activity on both days.

You may call 908-454-0112 to sign up. Signing up isn’t required, but will help with planning.