Mission Co-op Appeal will be Aug 1 - 2


Fr. John Tigatiga will speak to us about the missions in Tanzania. We will have a special collection for the missions.

Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians)

The Salvatorians were founded by Fr. Francis Jordan, a German priest, on December 8th, 1881. He had been ordained in July, 1878. At this time the move to separate State from Church had developed into a harsh restriction of the ministry and pastoral care activities of the Church in Germany. The Kulturkampf Laws were introduced to try and limit the power and influence of the Church in Germany, but Fr. Jordan wanted to establish a religious society that would work to mitigate the effects of these oppressive legal provisions. He developed an ambitious plan to grow a society that would have three degrees of membership, the first being that of the members who would be professed and who would maintain the three evangelical counsels, usually referred to as the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The Salvatorian website describes the foundation of the order in the following manner: On the 8th December 1881, in the Chapel of St Brigida in Rome, Father Jordan and three other priests took private vows as members of the Apostolic Teaching Society. It is this date which is kept as the foundation day of the Salvatorians.


The Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) proclaims and teaches by all ways and means the goodness and kindness of Jesus the Savior.


Salvatorians seek to become apostles for our times in order to make the Savior known to all people


We are called to be apostles for the renewal of the Church and the world, and we invite others to discover and respond to their call to be apostles. We advocate for justice and peace, standing with the poor and marginalized. We are servant-leaders, involving others in our mission.We support one another through mutual love and service. We live a simple lifestyle, becoming one with those we serve, especially the poor.


We include as members of the Society people from every nation, and we are open to serve the people of any nation.


My focus is to serve our missions in Tanzania. Salvatorians have served in Tanzania for over 60 years. Today we Salvatorians are serving in parishes, schools, dispensaries for kids, catholic radio programs for evangelization and inter-religious dialogue, youth awareness ministries, farms, drinking water projects, and in the formation of priests and lay ministers. We mostly serve in the dioceses of Morogoro, Dodoma, Dar es Salaam and Tunduru-Masasi where we have a big Islamic population.

The funds we earn from the missionary cooperative plan will help us sustain our missions and missionaries and train seminarians for the future leaders of the Church thus allow them to continue their important work of making the Savior known.

For more information on the Salvatorians and our missions in Tanzania please visit our website at www.salvatorians.com and click on “Salvatorian Mission”. May God continue to bless you and the important work you do to support our missions.

Peace and Blessings
Fr. John Tigatiga,
Mission Director – Salvatorians