Important Announcement about the Ascension

Add Sat, May 15 - Sun, May 16

Ordinarily, Ascension Thursday is a Holy Day of Obligation. But with the current pandemic, we are dispensed from our obligation to attend Holy Mass that day, as we have been every Sunday for the past couple of months.

Moreover, the Bishops of New Jersey have decided to transfer the celebration of Ascension Thursday to the following Sunday! This means that Masses on Thursday, May 13, will be Masses for Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter. The Masses on Saturday evening, May 15th and Sunday, May 16th, will be for the Solemnity of the Ascension.

Many of you may know that most of the dioceses in our country already transfer the celebration of the Ascension to the following Sunday. It is only in here in the north east, and in the state of Nebraska, that we continue to celebrate Ascension Thursday on the actual day. Nonetheless, the bishops of New Jersey have made it clear that they do not intend to make this change permanent.