Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-04-2022From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. Antony Arockiadoss

Dear Family!

In the Gospel, Jesus’ words could have caused havoc to the people who read the Bible in English when he said, “If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”

God’s Word, Jesus takes root in us from the beginning to the end of our life on earth to bring us life and that life in fullness. Semitic languages do not have a word for ‘prefer’. “When a person prefers one thing over another, that person is said to ‘love’ that thing and ‘hate’ the other.” (Geoffrey Plant). Jesus’ preaching is not about hate but Jesus must have first place if one wishes to follow Him.

Looking at the large crowd following Jesus, this message is very powerful and contextual when Jesus teaches about the cost of discipleship. The three areas to address in the gospel are 1. Putting God above family 2. Bearing one’s cross 3. Leaving all. We witness the Apostles as they grew into some of these commitments as time passed. In the same way we continue to grow into these commitments as individuals and as a community.

This invitation also comes to light as our country rejoices for the new Cardinal Robert McElroy. The Pope reminded all of the Cardinals (20 of them) to exercise an ‘assuming power’ with ministries marked by the virtues of ‘meekness, fidelity, closeness and tenderness’. We reflected about the virtue of humility last Sunday and how it can influence us in our ministry to our community.

I encourage you to avail yourself to share your vocation with our parish community. As I mentioned last week in the bulletin of thanking our elderly who continue to do so much, it is a great opportunity to honor and thank them and at the same time, stand in solidarity with our parish community to continue discerning what it would take to build a vibrant parish.

In the LITURGICAL COMMITTEE we have the following ministries: 1. Lectors, 2. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, 3. Ushers, 4. Weekday Lectors, 5. Sacristans, 6. Greeting and Hospitality Ministry, and 7. Extraordinary Ministers who are assigned to the Nursing Homes. The Liturgical Committee focuses on the Word of God, the Eucharist and ministry surrounding them. We are all reminded that though our ministries require a little of our time and attention, the graces and blessings it brings to our families are immeasurable.

Church teaches us through the Second Vatican Council, “The liturgy is the source for achieving in the most effective way possible of human sanctification and God’s glorification, the end to which all the Church’s other activities are directed.” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council, No. 10)

“The Church earnestly desires that all the faithful be led to that full, conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations called for by the very nature of the liturgy. Such participation by the Christian people as “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people” (1 Pt 2:9) is their right and duty by reason of their baptism.” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Second Vatican Council, no. 14)

Please contact Deacon Enock Berluche for all questions regarding the Liturgical Committee. You can always reach me at the office for further queries and general meetings. I am here to serve you and support you in your ministry. This is just one cluster of ministries and there are seven such clusters of ministries you can be part of. The parish needs young individuals and young families who could be part of these ministries.

Thank you, Fr. Antony