Pentecost Sunday

05-28-2023From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. Antony Arockiadoss

Dear Family! Happy Pentecost Sunday to all of you! Christians or the ‘People of the Way’ from the beginning, believed in the doctrine of the Trinity with unhesitating faith. As Saint Augustine taught us, “Every measure of Christian progress comes through a spiritual and reasoned understanding of the Trinity,” knowledge and the centrality of Pentecost is crucial for all Christians. Jesus as the Christ (Messiah) can only be understood within the realm of the Spirit (Anointed with the Spirit).

From the beginning of the conception, incarnation, and early years of Jesus (The New Creation) were so remarkably enveloped by the warmth of the Holy Spirit in the same way God created the world and guided it through great leaders and prophets (The Old Creation) through the sublime power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus’ public ministry began with his Baptism in the Holy Spirit and everything of what Jesus did and said directly or indirectly connected to the person of the Holy Spirit (Preaching, healing, moving).

Pentecost is to be understood only in connection with The Passover as the Passover refers to redemption, Pentecost in turn refers to the New Covenant. The 50th day was celebrated traditionally by the Jews as the feast of First fruits and also most importantly the day was remembered as the day, they received the Law from Sinai. Our First-fruits day is Pentecost, and it is this day we receive the New Covenant thus, it is “the espousal day” (George Smeaton) of the Christian Church.

Our Cemetery Superintendent moved on to another job, so we had some challenges in finding the right people to care for our cemetery. I thank all the volunteers who have helped in caring for our grounds both in School and in the cemetery. We are finalizing in on selecting employees this week. I apologize for the inconvenience.

My sincere thanks to our children and school community for the play, The Lion King. Our children gave an outstanding performance thanks to all the teachers, Drama Club and all the parents. I also thank our Search Committee for their perseverance in vetting resumes. Their insights and recommendations are invaluable to make good decisions for our school. At all masses, after communion we will be praying St. Thomas Aquinas prayer as recommended by our Bishop. This is part of the preparation for the Eucharistic Revival and beyond. Please see the last page of the Bulletin for this short and powerful prayer. You will also find the Prayer for the Synod. Please use it for your personal prayer.

Among the many titles, it is contextual to reflect on a very important title we give to the Holy Spirit - The Comforter. The church needs comforting. The greatest event in history brings us the closeness of the Comforter, the opening of the river of the Water of Life. On the day of the birth of the Church, feel the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit! Come Holy Spirit!

Happy Memorial Day!

Fr. Antony